See You Dad! (6/11/2014)

3:20 PM Unknown 2 Comments

Dear dad,

It is exactly 3 weeks ago you let me go to find something for living here in Borneo. Even though just by phone coz we were in different cities at that time, but I could hear your positive energy about the conversation.

Hmm. Let's say 4 weeks ago I saw your laugh, anger, eyes, etc. 4 weeks ago you made me laugh and I made you laugh, I pissed you off and you pissed me off, and the list of interactions goes on.

And from now on, I have no idea where to find them, and of course where to find the 'actor' behind those parts.

Because you will never at home anymore. Mom told me that you have 'hidden' somewhere under pile of soil. One day, I will see you there. Everyone will.

Unfortunately, I cannot fly home. The weather is too extreme now, so there will be no transportation to reach the nearest airport until at least tommorow, and It takes more than 14 hours to reach the airport. Yes, I am the only child who can not make it. The one who cannot pray together for you. Just seeing you sleeping in the photos. I feel bad.

But I must let you go sincerely.Because your wife, my mom, does. The last person that you see. The last person that you say good bye to. And the only one who helps you to say "shahadah" in your "shakaratul maut".She is Your truly love.

What a stupid we are, seven of us leaving you both only in the house?

Forgive me/us dad, forgive me/us mom.

My nephews and Nieces will be gonna missed you too. I will miss them yelling "atuuukk" in upin ipin style and asking you to make them a baloon.

Hmm.. This story will never meet the end. So many things to tell, but so limited thought and uncontrolled emotion.

Thanks to my family and friends for your calls and support. Thanks for my co-workers for the du'a.

I love you dad.

I wish you get the best place there.