The Story of 'Green Land'

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It was a land which is full of leaves, huge trees, and heterogeneous animals. They were all living together beautifully, compliting one another.


The sun and sky also have made them seem more peaceful. Even though the sun got anger and giving out the energy into the highest level, you would never get tanned, due to cold air protected you from the stong emotion of the heat-light source. The ozone also ozonized the area pretty well, even verry well because the ''tree's happy meals' did not patch under the colorless layers.


But there was a condition when the tall parennial woody plants which have a main trunk and branches forming a distinct elevated crown passed away. Either by the time or by other creature who wanted to both use and misuse them. They had to leave the other little tiny ones fighting against the solar gravity.


What could bleak 'children' do without their mom?


See! they cannot face it. They cannot againts it themselves. The leaves edge goes brown-yellow, and by the minute it will turn crunchy brown.


is that the end of story?



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