Eid Mubarak

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I try to conclude the eid sermon in my village. So, every moslem must be very happy in Eid Adha. → The rich moslim can share their wealth directly to the others (they sacrifice their substance). → The poor muslim can have meat to cook and eat. So both the rich and the poor will have beef menu in their kitchens. And it is forbidden for moslim to fasting until the next 3 days. → Family Gathering (especially for me, we will gather to cook rendang beef together haha) → For those who have been traveling to Mecca, they will finish their Hajj which is the last pillar of Islam and I wish they are all Mabroor and Mabrook.
So, this eid is about sharing and sacrifice which can be applied anytime.
Sharing can be anything : meal, smile, happiness, togetherness, sadness, etc. You know exactly what 'sharing' means.
Sacrifice also must not a cow or a goat, it can be money, time, feeling, love, jodoh #eh? Haha. You know to laaah how and what is it sacrifice.
So Eid Mubarak folks! We wish we can learn much thing for this eid for our daily life.
Picture is taken in Masjid Raya Pangkalan, Kabupaten Lima Puluh Kota.

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