Writing a Blog is Useless?

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When you are a student and plans to continue your study / education to a higher degree, then it means that you will face a life of reading and writing. Those two aspects – reading and writing – will be attached to you and can’t be separated. So, if you plan to continue then you should have good skills or a good ability in both aspects. If you still struggle to do that, then you need practice. Because practice makes perfect, right?

By writing a blog you can practice and train your writing skills. Even though no one reads your posts in your blog or people say that you are wasting your time by writing it, you should always bear in mind that you are doing something productive, that you are doing it for a good reason which is training your writing skills.

Moreover, by writing a blog you know that most of the time you’ll need good inspiration. Reading other people blogs is probably the best way to receive inspiration or ideas to write something. Therefore I can happily conclude that by working on a blog, you can both practice your writing and reading ability.

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