International Day for Remembrance of the Slave Trade and Its Abolition

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Today, august 23rd is international day for remembrance of the Slave Trade and its Abolition. But, whether the slave trade is completely erased? May be the declaration of slave trade abolition has been there since august 23rd 1833, but, how about reality today?

Absolutely no! still a lot of news has reported that slavery and the slave trade still exist now in this world. We could feel the presence. In April, the case of slavery it has been revealed in Costa Rica. The victims of slavery are 13 Indonesian citizens (my country), 15 Vietnamese, 5 Filipinos, 2 citizens of Taiwan, an a Chinese citizen. The were all persecuted and forced to work in Costa Rica fishing boat. They were all tortured, forced to work for 20 hours in a day, only got little food, and no on pay. whereas previously there was agreement on salaries for as much as $ 250 per month.

The same chase also happened in the coal companies in Heibe Province of China. There are 34 workers who had been enslave. There were forced to work all day, then tortured, and then electrocuted.

It's still the case that slavery has been revealed, we do not know how many cases of slavery that is happening now. Not only in developing country, it's but also in developed cuntry like USA. Foreign Minister of USA , admits that in America is still often the practice of human trafficking cases.

Moreover in my country, Indonesia. There are cases of slavery happened. There are Indonesian Worker (TKI) that went to overseas, and they were tortured, persecuted, no on pay, and not treated like human beings. So, that's mean, the abolition which starter since August 23, 1833 is useless. Because we are still find the cases of slavery. write that "now, the main factor of slavery is the widespread injustice in various parts of the country that increasingly exacerbated by the economic crisis. Whatever, the slavery should be abolished.

Now no longer the era of Pharaohs or Ramses who enslave human to build his pyramid. Or not Hammurabi era, Empire of Rome, Dynasty of China, or ancient times that slavery became an ordinary thing. Now is modern era, where every human being should be treated in a fair and humane, where human rights uphold. So in this International day for remembrance of the slave trade and its abolition, we are not only remembrance, but also truly committed to make it end.

Thanks to read this one, and I'm sorry is my English is bad, because it in developing. Thank u.

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