Indonesia's Ambassador in USA

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I don’t think that it would be happen, I just meet with Dino Patti Djalal some days ago, and now he is an ambassador of Indonesia to USA. Wow. He inaugurated by Indonesia’s President at 10 august 2010. he is very incredible and lucky man! He was actually be an assistant of president and accompany president and foreign minister, Marthy Natalegawa when attended in G20 Meeting at Toronto, Canada.
Dino who introduced Modernisator Movement when Indonesia Youth Conference 2010, last July really famous everywhere. Not only inside of country but also overseas. He is really brilliant and clever diplomat. May be you are curious with his profile, you can read more at his official site,

He argued when VOA intervied that Indonesia and USA relationship is an important fitur for indonesia’s diplomatic to each other and something related with international world. USA is a superpower country, and Indonesia is a bigest country in the southeast asia. USA is the bigest country in economy in the world, and indonesia is the bigest activator in economy in the world. Indonesia is the muslim’s bigest country and most muslim’s polulated than all country in the middle east. So there are any stratgical interest that make Indonesia have to get more coorporation with USA.
Indonesia’s president suggest to make strategic partnership, not alliance, but a partnership which both of countries could work together for interest strategic each country. Wow! Very brilliant!
So according to me there is mutualism unsure between these two countries. It seem a good idea, but what it not seem like a short relation plan? Why not make a serious relationship, I mean not make relation for interesting only? But partnership for over time until Indonesia could become the country needed and calculated later. But I don’t know. Wish he luck with his diplomacy.
But looked from short and long term programs of Dino, make my restlessness answer. His sort term program is cooperation in education and entrepreneurship. And for long term he want to make a constructive relation between these two countries. He want to rebuild between USA and Indonesia’s Military again.
He said that one of assumption from the comprehensive partnership is look for the future. Not be glued in the past. We must be able to make a new relationship based on mutual trust. That’s Okay. I think that is good idea. Good luck to Dino Pati Djalal. Wish he make a real change for Indonesia.
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